Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel is back on stage with his southern accent, touching lyrics and smooth voice. Born in 1953, this grandson of an Italian immigrant has been composing songs inspired by great artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young from a very early age. As a teenager, the shy Francis Cabrel, together with his band of folk-rock musicians, would perform at local dances to get accustomed to the stage. In 1974, armed with his guitar, the young man from Agen took part in a French song competition for Sud Radio. With his track ‘Petite Marie’, today a cult song, he made a name for himself with the general public and even supported the singer Dave. But it was in 1979 with the hit ‘Je l’aime à mourir’ from the album ‘Les chemins de traverse’, that Francis acquired international fame. With over two million singles sold, the retiring artist was propelled into the limelight.

‘L’encre de tes yeux’, ‘La Dame de Haute-Savoie’, ‘Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerai’, ‘La corrida’ and ‘La cabane du pêcheur’ are some of the melodies and refrains which are now part of French musical  heritage. In each of his albums, Francis inspires, beguiles and challenges injustice in a witty and caring way, and is naturally at the forefront of French variety. Committed, romantic and genuine, Francis Cabrel is once again going to sing and play his guitar live on stage – a great concert by a timeless artist that you won’t want to miss.

Stalls price: €64
Circle price: €53
On sale on 04 74 78 87 87