This year, the ‘Les Authentiks’ Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary and is taking place on Wednesday 18th July at the Théâtre Antique, the Roman theatre in Vienne! ‘Les Authentiks’ is run by the Vienne association La Locomysic and over the years has become an unmissable event for the residents of Vienne and for a wider audience from the Greater Lyon area as well. The Théâtre Antique de Vienne will be hosting a programme which rises to the occasion, an eclectic and bold programme combining hip hop, reggae and electronic music.

PATRICE (Reggae)

Patrice has quite an unconventional music style, somewhere between reggae and folk. He calls it ‘Sweggae’, a name he himself has come up with. His seventh studio album – ‘Life’s Blood’ -, a masterpiece of fusion, is a stylish reflection of Patrice Bart Williams’ sixteen-year career. With his lyrics, sometimes political, sometimes romantic, or simply full of humour, and his musical styles, Patrice breaks down every barrier to deliver fifteen truly contemporary tracks. He successfully reunites his own personal experience with the universal experience.

VALD (Rap/Hip-Hop)

While French rap is essentially divided between (pseudo-) transgressive punchlines and moralising clichés, Vald attempts to reconcile content and form, as well as technique and reflection, in nonsensical rap relating the paradoxes of his time. Rather than doing “something good”, Valentin - his real name - attempts to do “something else which isn’t bad”. A rapper without solutions, he sees himself as reflecting a civilisation running out of steam and short on illusions, where sex, drugs and video games are the only escape routes from boredom generated by the absence of an ideal. A poet of chaos, therefore, but who doesn’t hark back to the past or give in to resentment. Vald has fun with this world abandoned by meaning, revelling in the artistic potential it unfurls.

Pre-sale / Transaction price: €22 (limited quantity!)